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What others are Saying…

“Working with Deryn moved me out of writing being an idea of something I would eventually get to, into it being a daily a practice. She asked skilled and creative questions to help me find where writing would fit into my already busy life. Her ideas for giving a structure to the writing time – opening and closing rituals – made it possible to somehow expand time and get more writing done in one structured hour than I ever could in 8 hours of unstructured distraction.

Deryn made the coaching process meaningful and fun and the same time. It is not a generic package but an individualized approach. I felt like she got to know me and set the coaching to who I am and what helps motivate me.”

Sarah Hugues

Working with Deryn has been a gift. She is incredibly insightful and intuitive and comes to her coaching with a refreshing approach. The way she helped me establish a writing routine alone has been incredibly successful. She asks powerful questions which have helped me to hone in on my message and create clarity and meaning for my audience. We also came up with a structure for my blog posts that help me write more efficiently. I feel so much more confident and I am deeply grateful for the knowledge, tools and support she has provided me.

Cate Baio

“Having Deryn there to support, encourage and coach me through the writing process has been a godsend. She helped me understand the importance of approaching a writing session with the proper headspace, how to condition that impetus to write and gave me the tools to keep motivated throughout my writing. And when I couldn’t quite keep those self-doubting feelings at bay, she was there for those times, too, with wisdom born out of hefty experience. With her guidance, we devised a routine that both maximized my productivity and balanced my social life, and in a matter of a few months, I had my first draft.

If you’re someone who’s always wanted to get into writing—as a hobby, as a part-time venture, or as a professional—and you’re feeling a little lost? Maybe you’re not too sure where or how to start, maybe your pen’s feeling a little rusty in your hand. Whatever the case, wherever you might be coming from, Deryn can help you overcome your obstacles, can get you to hit the ground running, and perhaps most importantly, can get you to enjoy the journey. “

Emma Towle