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Coaching Packages

A one on one coaching package might be right for you if


  • You have a clear writing project in mind and you need guidance, structure and support to get started.
  • You can find even a sliver of time in your day to write. (Even ten minutes is a start!)
  • You have a story to tell or a book to write and you can’t wait any longer to get started.
  • You’re not sure your writing resonates with your audience.
  • You feel resistant, frustrated, angry or hopeless when you write.
  • You need clear, meaningful feedback on your writing to help you move forward.
  • You need tools to help overcome inevitable resistance and distraction.
  • You know that accountability helps you move forward.
  • You know you can’t put it off anymore, it’s time to start.
A one on one coaching package might not be for you if
  • You are looking for a substantive, structural or line edit. (You will be better served by an editor.)
  • You are looking for help and guidance to get your book published by a traditional publisher, or to self-publish. (You will be better served by a publishing consultant.)
  • You want to write your book as fast as possible so you can start raking in the cash.
  • You’re hoping for a personalized introduction to an agent or publisher.
  • You can’t carve out a minimum of 1.5 hours in your week (in whatever increments you like — 10 minutes at a time, or all at once, or anything in between) to focus on writing.

Some Benefits of Writing Coaching with Deryn



  • In your strengths as a writer.
  • That your words are resonating with your audience.
  • That you will get your project done, even if it’s in small increments.
  • Awareness of your patterns and tendencies (and how to move past them).
Ease and Flow:
  • Release the struggle in your writing time.
  • Set up a supportive structure around your writing.
  • Create good writing habits and stick with them.
  • Motivated to take action toward your vision.
  • An ally who believes in your writing project.
  • An accountability partner to help keep you on track.
  • Clear, meaningful feedback on your work.
  • Support and guidance to get you through the stuck places.

My Writing Process: One Month Writing Package

  • Craft your own personal writing schedule and ritual.
  • Readily commit to a writing practice that fits YOUR life.
  • Develop good habits that will support your long-term writing goals.
  • Accountability and encouragement to help you get started.
  • Tools, resources and contingency plans to help keep you on track.
Together we will review your writing goals. We’ll go through your day, hour by hour, and discover time for you to write. We’ll explore how you’ll use that time, and craft a personal ritual to help you protect your writing time from distractions and outside pressures. My Writing Process will lay the foundation you to meet your writing goals, with a writing practice that authentically reflects where you are in your life right now.
This package includes:
  • 1.5 hour call to uncover your ideal writing process and practice.
  • Personalized writing process, ritual and schedule guidelines.
  • 3 weeks of follow up encouragement and accountability by email and text.
  • 0.5 hour follow up call after one month.


Someday is Today: 3 Month Writing Package

(For past clients of My Writing Process.)

  • Establish a solid writing practice and make writing a habit.


  • Build confidence in your ability, know your strengths, recognize your crutches and how to move past them.


  • Get a solid start on your project.



  • Permission, support and accountability as you start out on your journey.
This package includes:
  • 30 minute on-boarding and goal-clarifying call.
  • Two 1-hour coaching calls per month.
  • Personalized writing process, ritual and schedule guidelines.
  • Customized writing tips, outlines, prompts and exercises to get you (and keep you) writing.
  • On-going support by email and text for accountability, encouragement and to overcome obstacles.

Investment: $350 initial payment, plus $275/month for 3 months.

Ongoing Support: Monthly packages

(For past clients of Someday is Today.)

Choose one of the following:


  • Two * 1 hour writing coaching calls per month


– One * 1 hour writing coaching call and,

  • Editorial notes and feedback on up to 2000 words of your work in progress, synopsis or outline.)
  • Email and text support between calls.
Investment: $444 for one month. $1175 for a three month commitment.
* All prices listed are in Canadian dollars and include applicable GST.