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I took the summer off from blogging, and everything, really. And while I was at the beach I pondered this thing called social media and my approach to it and I decided that after four years of steady-ish posts, I’m ready to retire from blogging.

And please don’t think I made this decision lightly. I’m sparing you the details. There were many different days at many different beaches involved.

  Instead, I’ve started a   Facebook page, and will keep up with Twitter. So you can always find what I’m up to in those places. And you can check the news page on my website for the latest too.

I thought about taking this blog down, but decided not to. I’ll keep it posted here, as an archive and a resource. There are lots of great posts, and we’ve had lots of fun, haven’t we?

 Some highlights for me:

I started out reviewing first mystery novels – like this post comparing first mysteries set in my home town of Montreal. This was back when I approached each blog post like an English 301 assignment.

There was the time I finished version 7.2.4 of Confined Space and mailed it off to the Unhanged Arthur, and the giddy post the day after I found out I was shortlisted. Then there was that very popular post about how working with an agent does not magically solve all your problems and the heady day I got to announce that Confined Space was being published by Simon and Schuster and reveal the cover all at once.

Soon after I started blogging, I wrote about my first trip to the Vancouver Writer’s Festival. Who knew that three short years later I would be blogging about my experience as an author at the festival?

And of course along the way we’ve had some fun talking about the occupational hazards of parenting, and so many wonderful guests posts about creativity and staying sane when you are writing with kids in the house.

It’s been quite a trip, hasn’t it? I started this blog to build an internet presence for myself and put myself out there as a writer. To build my brand. And for that, I’d say it has worked remarkably well. It has also brought me in touch with some wonderful people, and has probably surprised lots of people who thought they already knew me.

And now, I’m ready to take a step back and let my books be my brand.

Books, you ask? As in more than one? Why yes. And we’ll be able to talk about that soon.  Come on over to Facebook and stay tuned.

And thanks for reading, peeps. It’s been a real privilege to have you with me on this journey.


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2 Responses to Retired blogger

  1. I will follow you wherever you go….. just tell me where. Good call. Integrity Girl – that is your super hero name.

  2. So I get a leotard with IG printed on the front?

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