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“It’s like being let in on a secret…”

– Letter reader

I’m not so sure about this social media thing. For years I did what was expected of me as an author. I tweeted, I blogged, I posted. I “put myself out there”. 

For a long while it was both fun and effective. I made some great connections which led to interviews and festival invitations and maybe even a few book sales. I still have good friends from Twitter whom I’ve never met in person. (From way back in the days when Twitter was really something. Do you remember 2011 Twitter? It really was great, wasn’t it?) 

Recently though, putting myself out there hasn’t felt very smart, or very safe. I’ve watched writers’ careers crumble in real time on Twitter, and recently saw a writer friend devastated by the enraged internet swarm around their book, the subject of which had offended some people (people who hadn’t actually read the book, mind you.) The last little while on social media, I lived in fear of offending the wrong person and sweated over every post. Could someone take this the wrong way? The results were pablum posts that didn’t express anything of who I was or what I stood for. But at least they didn’t offend anyone, right?


Eventually, I pretty much gave up on social media. 


But here’s the thing. That’s where my readers are. That’s where you are. 

I don’t want to drop out on my readers. And I certainly don’t want to drop out on you.

That’s where these weekly letters come in.

I’m developing a new mystery series. Completely different from anything I’ve ever written before. And I’m letting my readers in on the process from the ground up by writing them a letter every week. 

Front row seats.

These letters are honest and from the heart. They are the real me. And if they offend you, by all means, write back and tell me. Honest discussion is most welcome, but internet trolls are not invited to this party.

Here’s what letter readers are saying about the Weekly Letters:

“I love walking this with you through your words! I’m excited to see what comes, what discoveries arrive, what curiosities unveil.” 

TB from BC

“Thanks for taking us on this journey. You make it feel like we are right with you. I can’t wait to see where it leads.”

CB from BC

“Thank you for your letter which reads like a chapter in the book of your life.”

SG from Ireland

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