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“It’s like being let in on a secret…”

– Letter reader

The Letters Series was born out of my antipathy for social media.
As an author, I’m expected to “put myself out there” on the internet. But, as a mother to teenagers, as the wife of a person with a highly visible job in a very small town, and as an extreme introvert, there’s only so much of me that I’m willing to share publicly.

I was looking for a way to stay in touch with my readers, and these letters are the solution I came up with.

I want to share what I’m working on with you, my dear readers, in way that is meaningful, direct and encourages conversation. A way that bypasses internet trolls. I also wanted to share in a way that is a little less public than a website or a blog.

In order to read these from-the-heart letters about my research and writing process, you need to sign up, or hear about them from a friend, or through one of my social media platforms.

Basically, I only want to share these letters with people who want to read them.

Series 1 of the letters were sent out in the spring and summer of 2018, and the response was more than I could have imagined. So many readers joined and started their Wednesday mornings reading these letters. And they wrote back, sharing thoughts, suggestions and stories. It was wonderful.

Series 2 will be sent throughout the fall and winter of 2018, starting in late September. You can join up below if you’re not on the list yet. (For those readers who received Series 1, you don’t need to sign up again. You are already in this club.)

But what are the letters about?

The letters follow my research and writing process in detail as I develop a new mystery series.

A few years ago I received a treasure trove of books, papers, documents and photographs from a distant relative. I’m using this archive of my family history to spin a new series of mystery novels set in Montreal in the late 1940s.

Each letter forms a story in its own right, unraveling the mystery behind the scenes, as I weave together a new mystery novel.

From week to week, the letters might include stories, facts I’ve uncovered, old photographs, research into setting and character, video and audio clips, request for input from readers, news and thoughts on my writing career…Really, each week is its own journey.

I hope you will join us.

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Series 2 launches Wednesday, September 19, 2018.