I quit sugar two years ago. It was definitely a difficult thing to do, but it IS possible.

You can read a whole list of benefits of quitting sugar here, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you about my schtick with sugar.

You got that part about two years, right? And maybe you’re thinking, “Oh well, if she can go two years without sugar, she wasn’t a big sugar monger like I am. I could never do that!”

Yeah, no.

If I can go two years without sugar (and with no plans to take that crazy-making white stuff back into my life anytime soon) then you can too.

I was a MONSTER when it came to sugar. No such thing as a bit now and then. Moderation? I did not know what that was. I NEEDED sugar. Every day. After every meal, something sweet. My go-to was a little ramekin full of chocolate chips (mmmm… those name brand milk chocolate ones, you know the ones I’m talking about? Yes you do.)

Have you heard? Dark chocolate is good for you?

I bought into that one hook, line and sinker. I’d stock up with large-sized, dark chocolate bars in multiples of three (preferably with toffee or salted caramel bits because, hey, dark chocolate).

My day revolved around chocolate and sweets. God forbid I’d run out, or someone else in the house ate the last of my stash. (My stash? Seriously? Are we talking about drugs here? Yes. We are talking about drugs here.)

And those were just the ordinary days. The challenging days? The days where I had to step out of my comfort zone, speak up for myself or my kids, stand out from the crowd? Those days called for extra sweets.

I used sugar to stuff down uncomfortable or unbearable emotions, or to keep from feeling them at all. And when I did feel them? When I took on the pain of everyone in the room because I didn’t know how not to? Hey, I used sugar then too, to soothe the overwhelm.

Days when this raging introvert was forced into hours of small talk — on the soccer field, at cub scouts rallies, family gatherings, holiday parties — on those days, sugar was to me what alcohol is to most people.

My old stand by.
My little helper.
My social lubricant.
My make-nice aid.

Sugar was the one and only tool in my just-smile-and-don’t-say-anything-it-will-be-over-soon survival kit.

Two sugar-free years later, this is still painful to write about. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that it IS possible. I don’t want you thinking I was some sugar lightweight, or some such thing, okay?

I was fully engaged in my sugar-full journey.

And now I’m free.

And you can be too.

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