Here’s a list of 28 good things that started happening (and bad things that stopped happening) when I quit sugar:

1. Cravings no longer rule my life.
2. I simply do not think about sugar.
3. I started to really taste my food.
4. I started to feel actual hunger when I needed food. (Instead of cravings when my sugar rush had worn off.)
5. I could be hungry for a while, and know I needed food, without falling into a low-blood sugar/ hangry / feed me now or I’ll kill someone state.
6. Healthy food choices became enjoyable on their own — not something I needed to eat to get to the sweet stuff.
7. Clearer thinking.
8. More focus.
9. Less anxiety at the start. A massive reduction in anxiety over time.
10. Ability to see my emotional reactions more clearly, and be more patient with them.
11. Ability to differentiate someone else’s emotional upset from my own.
12. The necessity to speak up when something is bothering me. (Because stuffing discomfort with sweets is no longer an option.)
13. Weight loss? Yes. But not at first. First, I simply stopped gaining weight.
14. After 3 months, I had lost some weight.
15. During the 6-9 month time frame a lot of weight simply melted away.
16. My old clothes fit again (but I didn’t like them anymore.)
17. Now, after two years, weight is still dropping off in a steady way that feels healthy and manageable without counting calories or following a regimented exercise routine. (I won’t be showing my bikini body on Instagram anytime soon, but all in all, I feel pretty okay in my skin.)
18. More energy, especially later in the day.
19. The option to do things in the evening!
20. More curiosity about life, choices, options, new experiences. Sugar fed my anxiety and anxiety held me back hard from exploring and trying new things.
21. The desire and willingness to experience new things – a new restaurant, a new hike, bike ride or yoga class, a drawing class.
22. More interest in other people and their stories.
23. Desire to travel, read more widely, listen to new kinds of music.
24. The realization that alcohol has never agreed with me and the decision to let it go.
25. Overall I’m more direct about everything.
26. More willing to have difficult conversations, which has really improved the quality of my relationships. (And yes, has meant some relationships have moved out of my life.)
27. A huge inventory of tools to use when I need some self care, and the feeling that I’m worth taking care of.
28. The confidence to take up the space I take up in the world, without apologizing for it.

That’s a pretty great list, isn’t it?

With a list like that, you might see why I get impatient when people ask me:

“Did you lose lots of weight when you quit sugar?”

Yes. Yes, I did. (How much? I don’t know. I stopped weighing myself years ago.) But look at that list! Really look at it! There are some pretty amazing things on that list, besides a number on a scale. These 28 things did not happen all at once. I’d say the first 8 happened within 30 days. The rest? Developed slowly and over time. As the days have gone on, the practice has deepened and the changes make themselves more and more apparent.

I hope this list inspires you as you embark on your sugar free journey!

Are you experiencing any of these benefits yet? What other benefits have you found that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment and let me know!

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