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  1. Patricia Johnson says:

    I enjoyed the first two books in your series. Are there going to be any others?

  2. Danny Cescon says:

    Hi Deryn. I just finished reading Open Secret and really enjoyed it. A great thriller made even better by the fact that you used the Nelson area as your setting. I grew up in Trail when “it” was “the” place to be ( have resided in Calgary since 1978 ) and Nelson was just a nice place to visit on a summer Sunday afternoon. Small, quiet town. How things have changed there. In fact we were just there last weekend enjoying a reunion of some 6 couples with at least one member of which was originally from Trail. Don’t understand why it took so long to realize what the “Kootenay Landing” area really had to offer. It was fun reading about Cranbrook and “the smelter”. Thanks for a very enjoyable read. All the best.

    • deryncollier says:

      Thanks so much for your note, Danny! I do love to visit Trail – I love all the curvy streets on the hill with the small houses with huge gardens. And of course the food shopping! Star Grocery and Ferraro Foods, which is the best grocery store I have ever visited, EVER! So glad you enjoyed Open Secret! All best.

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